New Office Building Design Concept
Mumbai, India

Design Concept
The New Office Building design captures the modern - new generation architecture, while respecting the culture and environment of Navi Mumbai. The concept focuses on a few simple and practical design principles: site adaption, sustainability, and technological innovation. The new building will be an asymmetrical design which responds to the surrounding. Its organic forms contrast with the site’s rigid geometry creating a bold and dynamic orientation of the new office building westward to the Express highway. Prominently overlooking this major urban thoroughfare, this new office building engages the significant new Cricket stadium lying directly opposite to the west and its adjoining environs in a “new architectural dialogue.” The design brings an innovated architectural environment to the immediate surrounding as well its working professional.

Architecture Character
The new office building is a monolithic building of aluminum and sustainable materials with a specially-clad curtain wall set into its facade. The windows within the metal diaphragm are "punched" into the walls, emphasizing the visual weight of the building. The west facade is asymmetrically composed at the ground level with the main entrance shifted from the building's centerline. Above the main entry are forced projections from the wall plane to announce a sense of arrival and to provide a counter point balance of indigenous landscaping and water elements. The west facade receives formal attention as the building's face on the city & expressway. The sweeping, chiseled curtain wall inserted into the aluminum-sheathed facade opens onto the outlying panorama. It also creates shimmering, dynamic images that enliven the spaces with shifting natural light and weather conditions. The primary building mass is notched, forming roof terraces / gardens, cafe lounge, and utilizes surfaces for green building technology like photovoltaic panels. The dramatic angle projection and the perimeter skin create additional drama, visual delight, and presence. The form and proportion, and details are visual references of the transformation of building technology and science in an ever changing world. Modern technology enables architecture to go beyond limits. The building envelope seeks to synthesize and blend between modern architecture and sculpted art. The new office building breaks out of the visual confines of the Maharashtra Industrial Development Cooperation (MIDC) area and seeks to harness and embrace new technologies, as it engages on a grand, sweeping scale. The design makes a bold architectural statement adding a new, contemporary landmark on major Expressway.